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Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

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I am an AS/400 programmer and my company wants to use RPG ILE. What is the best way to learn it?

There are a number of ways that you can learn RPG ILE. The best way for you should be easy, practical, convenient and less expensive. Our WBT and CBT programs have all those features. These programs are developed by AS/400 professionals with many practical examples. You can get these training materials any time you want during the training. It is just like that you have a personal instructor and professional technical library on site all the time. Whenever you need it, you get it. Plus the costs of them are very low.
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My company is using AS/400 computer systems and we have to provide some basic operation training to our staff and end users. Does your AS/400 operation training cover all those basic areas ?

Yes. Our WBT and CBT operation training modules will provide you with all the necessary trainings on how to operate AS/400 computer from the beginning to the advanced levels. These modules are helpful for operators, end users, administrators and programmers.
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I had some experiences working with Oracle and Unix systems. Can I learn AS/400 programming? What would be the good way to get started?

Yes. AS/400 computer has built-in relational database DB2/400. Any database and operation experiences that you had would help you learn AS/400 computer. You might want to start with the Introduction to AS/400 and basic operations. Our WBT or CBT modules provide all these trainings. After that, you can take AS/400 database training module followed by the programming modules.
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I am a college student and want to learn AS/400 programming. How can I access AS/400 computer?

We have Virtual Computer Lab for you to learn AS/400 programming. You can log in to our AS/400 server over the Internet and write programs. Just by loging in, you access any local AS/400 computers. We have all the programming tools, utility programs and compilers for you to practice.
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My schedule is very busy and the training budget for the fiscal year is very limited. But I still have to learn some new AS/400 technologies. How can I do it?

Our WBT and CBT programs cover the most current AS/400 computer technologies. These training modules are available for you all the time. You don't have to travel and the costs are very low. Therefore, these WBT or CBT modules will provide you with the best training solutions.

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Can you recommend me a quick plan to learn AS/400 computer over the Internet?

The first step for you is to learn some basic AS/400 computer operations. You can take our WBT iSeries and AS/400 Operation I and II. If you don't have local AS/400 computer access, you can take our VCL. So you can get some practical hands-on experience. The second step is to take AS/400 Database and DB2/400. The next step is independent of what your final goal is. If you want to become an AS/400 developer, you can take RPG programming modules in the sequences of RPG Batch Programming, RPG Online Programming and ILE RPG. If your goal is to become an AS/400 operator and Administrator, you can take Control Language Programming and Query/400. CL program is also required for the developers. Query/400 is a very powerful tool yet easy to learn. It would also be a good tool for the developers, end users, technical support personnel or management staff.
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How can I become a member of your online training program and what are the benefits ?

You could register or purchase any of our WBT or CBT modules to become a member. Some special discounts and free update modules will be available to the members. Look at our membership information for more details.
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Do you have any group discounts on your WBT, CBT or VCL programs?

Yes. Please contact us for more details on any special group discounts.
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I want to take IBM AS/400 operation certification test. Does your training help me pass the IBM AS/400 operation certification test?

Our training modules for AS/400 operation I and II are designed specially to try to meet the requirements of IBM test 052 Objectives (AS/400 Associate System Operator) and IBM test 053 Objectives (AS/400 Professional System Operator). Our training will definitely be very helpful and help you succeed in the IBM AS/400 operation certification test.
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How do I register and start the Web based training programs ?

Just click on the Registration button or link and then select the training module that you want to take. Follow the instructions to go through our SSL online registration manager. The process is powered by Paypal and it is absolutely secured with a real time response. As soon as your credit card transaction is approved, you will receive our registration confirmation. Then we will send you an Acknowledgment and Authorization e-mail for your final verification. As soon as we receive your final verification, we will send you the user ID and password. Then, you can start the Web based training.
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What is your company online ordering software system?

Our company online order software system is a customer sales order system, which was developed from the AS/400 computer as the back-end process. The front end can be applied on the Web server, such as NT, Window 2000, or IBM HTTP server with WebSphere server. The system allows the customers to inquiry the product catalog and place the order over the Internet. Please contact us for more details.
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Do you accept company PO?

Yes. Please fax your PO to (626) 810-0781. Our account manager will process it for you.
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