provides you with an easy access to the Internet Web based training. You can learn the most up-to-date iSeries and AS/400 computer skills and knowledge at your desk. No travel, flexible and cost effective.

Our AS/400 Web based training is specially designed in small modules. You can chose one, two or more of them depending on your need. For a Corporate account, you will receive an administrator account to manage your company accounts and monitor the training progress.

The fees are very low and start at $99.00 a month. In addition, special training program and training bundles are available. Check us out and try our free demo for risk free.

iSeries 400 or AS/400e Operation I

iSeries 400 or AS/400e Operation II

AS/400 Database and DB2/400

Query/400 for iSeries and AS/400

iSeries 400 and AS/400 RPG Batch Programming

iSeries 400 or AS/400 RPG Online Programming

iSeries 400 or AS/400e Programming ILE RPG

Control Language Programming

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